Sho Daniels.

Why are these kids so dope? #citykids

How can I go to hell for being gay if I’m already living it right now?

Coming Out.. Again

I grew up in a VERY religious background. Being gay was something that terrified me, like other I know. I tried to deny it from myself and other. I went into deep depression for about 10 years. Then after a long time in a certain place, I came out to my mother. She took it well. Then their was a whole controversy at my church over a picture I took with my ex (innocent hand holding and kissing). I was betrayed by someone I thought I could trust. Anyway time went on and me and my mom wouldn’t talk about my life. It was a Taboo topic. I was getting depressed not being myself. So today I was watching a show and the character changed my whole outlook on things. So I came out to my mother again and she text me back saying ” I’ve known for a good while. You were the one who had to come to grips with it. You are my son and I will always love you. Mom”. That has made my entire week so far. So, it may take people a while to come out, maybe a few times you may have to come out, but you really need to come out to yourself before you can truly accept yourself.

First part of an old photo shoot I did with my friends Knuckles and Damian. 

"Dangerous Love"

Future Fear.

Have you ever been afraid of the plans you’ve made? You have all of these ideas that you were once proud of, yet you are now afraid of the outcome they may have. A good friend just told me that I should just trust myself and dive into my dreams. I guess we never know how our lives will work out, but if we never take these risks, we will always think “what if. .” We as human beings have a sense of fear, but in order to conquer them, we have to attack them full force so we won’t defer our dreams. I’m saying all of this to explain to myself that fear is a good thing. It shows how much we care about what we believe in. Yeah. I’m feeling better now.